Piano Lessons With Scott Coletta

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Lessons For Adults

Whether you have had no musical training whatsoever, only dabbled in it here and there, or you’ve had several years of music study on piano or any other instrument, it’s never too late to begin or continue studying piano. Music can be a lifelong journey that never ceases to enrich our sense of creativity and accomplishment and provide lasting enjoyment and fulfillment.

Learning piano as an adult presents several unique opportunities and challenges. Adult students have the advantage of being more perceptive and understanding of the nature of learning. They understand themselves better and are able to self-direct the learning process much easier than kids. I greatly enjoy working with adult students and having the ability to discuss their development, concerns, and triumphs. Beyond learning the fundamentals of music such as reading, technique, rhythm, ear training, and theory, there is also the often neglected psychological side of learning music. I find that adult students benefit greatly from having a teacher who seeks to understand the needs of the student and foster a greater understanding of the nature of learning music, rather than just focusing on the fundamental “text book” stuff.

Often adult students need unique encouragement and understanding in dealing with challenges such as time constraints for practice, feeling as if they are progressing slowly or are lacking in ability, or being overwhelmed by the complexity of music. I strongly believe that everyone can be successful at the piano. We all have differing natural abilities, but dedication, patience, and an understanding and nurturing environment for learning go a long way towards cultivating success.

My approach with adult students is highly specific to the individual needs and interests of the student, which means we can pursue whatever music you are most passionate about. For some adults, method books are the right approach. Others work better with compilations of music and materials from various sources. Some need to focus on reading music and others more around playing by ear. Regardless of the approach, my primary objective is to ensure that students are enjoying the process of learning piano and feel they are making progress. I do this by always remaining open to the student’s perspective and by being patient and understanding.

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