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Lessons For Kids

I work with both beginning students and those who have had lessons previously. Most kids are ready to begin piano by the age of 6, but sometimes kids are ready as early as age 4. If you would like to find out if your child is ready just contact me to discuss your child’s personality or set up a meeting.

Successful music study opens the minds of children and helps them apply their imaginations in a meaningful way through the discipline and structure required to play music. Skills learned through the discipline of music directly transfer to study skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills useful in every aspect of general education.

I offer two general programs for kids; Artistic Emphasis and Academic Emphasis. Both programs involve developing artistic sensibility and creativity, as well as providing structure and discipline. However, the Artistic Emphasis program focuses more on creativity and individuality whereas the Academic Emphasis program is more focused on developing a well-rounded and disciplined musical foundation. Below are the areas of study in each program. The areas of study are not fixed or exclusive to one program or the other and the amount of emphasis in each area is flexible according to the needs of the student.

Artistic Emphasis Program

This program is ideal for students who just want to enjoy playing their favorite songs and music styles and are not interested in formal music study. It can be good for students who aren’t yet ready for more advanced music study, or for students who have already studied music formally but would like to branch out and do something different by advancing their creative skills.

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Areas of study include:

Academic Emphasis Program

This program provides a well-rounded overview of all aspects of music by covering a variety of styles including classical, jazz, pop, movie and TV themes, as well as any favorites that the student might have. The program emphasizes developing good practicing habits as well as setting and achieving goals and understanding the fundamentals of music. Dedicated students who pursue this program for an extended period can achieve a level of proficiency in music that would enable them to enter college level music study.

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Areas of study include:

*Students in the Academic Emphasis Program are encouraged to do at least one performance per year. This can be either a recital, or a formal audio or video recording. Students in this program are also encouraged to take an annual evaluation. I offer the opportunity to test with The Carnegie Hall/Royal Conservatory Achievement Program or if a less formal test is desired, I also do in-house testing.

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